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Prescription Services

Med Sync

  • By having our staff align your medication to fill the same day each month you can eliminate multiple trips to the pharmacy.
  • We will monitor and anticipate your need for refills so you won’t run out of medication.
  • We will automatically fill your prescription and notify you when they are ready for pickup.


Medication Services

  • We accept most prescription service plans, including Express Scripts, Caremark, Medicaid, United Healthcare, and Optum. 
  • Our aggressive in-house discount program is offered to every patient.  Often this Essentra discount program price is less than patient copays, so you may opt to use our discount plan instead of submitting claims to your insurance.
  • We can compound medications for your special needs- for example making a liquid that is easy to swallow or special combination of creams.
  • We care for your entire family- we even supply many veterinary medications to care for those four-legged family members.
  • With a large selection of OTC medications our staff is always available to answer questions, make a recommendation, or help you select the appropriate medical equipment.  

Special Services

Our specialty consultation programs are available by appointment and involve an additional fee.  You may submit a receipt for these fees to your medical insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Diabetes Self Management Program

  • Designed to empower you to take control of your diabetes and prevent long-term complications!
  • Glucose test $5
  • Counseling:   ½ hour appointment $30.00, 1 hour appointment $60.00


Personal Medication Review

  • We want to make sure you are taking the best medication for you! Our pharmacists will review all your medications, including their purposes, possible side effects, and cost savings.
    • o $30.00 / 30 minute appointment


Asthma Self-Management Program

  • Designed to help you take control of your asthma! Our pharmacists will help you feel and breath better.
    • o ½ hour appt.  $30.00
    • o 1 hour appt.  $60.00

Rxight Pharmacogenetic Testing

  • One of the key benefits of pharmacogenetic testing is the potential to prevent drug reactions and avoid ineffective medications.  The test will help your medical team understand how you process and metabolize medications based on your unique genetic profile. Testing includes a Personal Medication Review (PMR) that looks at your medications, and will provide your physician recommendations for changes.
    • o Full profile and PMR appt.  $399.00



  • A pharmacist can administer the following vaccinations to adults and children as young as 7.
    • o Influenza (Flu)                    ? Pneumonia
    • o Hepatitis A                          ? Hepatitis B
    • o Tetanus/Diptheria               ? Shingles
    • o Pertussis Booster

Anticoagulation Monitoring (INR/PT)

Have your INR monitored for your warfarin therapy at the pharmacy with a simple finger stick. We will discuss your test results and monitor for side effects. Results from each visit are shared with your physician’s office.


Last Updated: 7/17/2017